Guardian the health and the emergency of the workers are not only a obligation to which making forehead in order not to risk to incur in penal endorsements, but it means also and above all guardian the Business human resources and therefore just business, diminishing the costs which had to the emergency, not improving the relationships with the workers let alone the organization and the efficiency of the Enterprise and therefore its competitiveness on the market.

In this field, the experience and the competence of Area-tech21 are of great level, can be documented from numerous Enterprises (from the great Company to the artisan Enterprise) that they have use of or they have have ud of of our services.

In the field of the risks evaluation, Emergency and health of workers on the Job, the technicians of Area-tech21 assist the Enterprises in the integrated management of problematic inherent the emergency and the hygiene of the job let alone of the connected aspects to the important industrial risks.
The problematic ones faced preview, between the others:
  • complete Attendance in the application of D.Lgs 626/94
  • business and industrial Risks assessment
  • Verifications of conformity of places and equipments of job
  • Check-up trained to you on the documentation
  • Directive blots some and accident-prevention skills on blot of it and systems
  • Emergency in the yards (planning of the emergency and coordination)
  • Prevention and antifire fight (certify you of prevention fires)
  • Conventions with specialist Doctors in Medicine of the job

The enforced norm in matter of protection of the atmosphere, the health and the emergency of the workers and the certification of products and processes, more and more often demands to directly execute near the center of the Customer surveyings orchestrates them in chemical, physical and biological field.
Area-tech21 is in a position to programming, carrying out and to certify this type of surveyings of industrial hygiene, with analysis orchestrates them and of laboratory, he is in ambient external inside and which:
  • measurements of the chemical and biological agents in atmosphere of job and atmosphere indoor
  • measurements of the thermal and luminous microclimate
  • measure of the exposure to the electromagnetic fields
  • measure of the exposure to the ionizzanti cancellations
  • appraisals of the working exposure to the noise
  • appraisal of the exposure to vibrations
  • appraisals of the noise in external atmosphere
  • risk assessments from manual movimentazione of cargos
  • withdrawals of money and samplings from fireplace of the emissions in atmosphere
Operating within the national health service the chemical and microbiological laboratories with Area-tech21 are equip to you in modern and complete way and carry out, beyond to surveyings analytics, the productive process control and the development of plans of search in different activity fields.
They allow to answer to the most varied requirements than analysis in matter of:
  • Drinkable Waters, waters of drainage and waters of process
  • Residual Refusals and
  • Emissions in atmosphere
  • Polluting chemical and biological of job atmospheres
  • Metals and alloys
  • Raw materials and by-products of working
  • It eats and zootecnici integrators to me
  • Mud and lands