Environmental Management
  • Groundwater treatment systems
  • Soil treatment systems
  • Bioremediation systems
  • Infiltration galleries
  • Wetlands Studies
  • Facility compliance audits
  • Treatment storage and disposal (TSD) evaluations
  • Discharge permits, spill prevention counter measure and control plans
  • Environmental protection plans
  • Waste management/minimization studies
Studies of feasibility and plans applied to you in following you live dellIngegneria acclimatizes them, sanitary and naturalistic.
  • Water Cycle
  • Cycle of the refusals
  • Safeguard and valorization acclimatize them of the territory
Studies of impact acclimatize them
  • on the great systems of electric power generation
  • on infrastructures of smaltimento of the solid refusals
  • on plans of extensive lottizzazione
  • on industrial takeovers and connected works
  • on infrastructures of great practicability
  • on harbour works
  • Conferences for oudit public
Surveyings orchestrate them and cartographic
  • Monitorings acclimatize them on parameters chemical-physicists
  • thematic specialistiche Searches on the comparti acclimatize them
  • Search and elaboration of thematic cartographies
Educazionale and didactic activity
  • Collaboration with Agencies you drained to us and University for the formation and professional l’aggiornamento of the discenti on thematic it acclimatizes them